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    The Beatles blamed for drugs explosion...40 years AFTER they broke up.

    (Picture of the Beatles in India)

    Russia's chief medical officer has blamed The Beatles for the explosion in drug taking - more than 40 years AFTER they broke up. 

    The Beatles, whose line-up was John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, have been for an increase in drug use in Russia. 

    For the proof, Their album, Magical Mystery Tour was specifically drug-inspired Health official Yevgeny Bryun claims the band's experimenting with religious cults in India turned people on to the idea of taking challenging substances. 'After The Beatles toured to expand their mindfulness in Indian ashrams, they brought the idea of changing one's mental state to the people,' he explained.

    'When business then realized it was possible to make money from this — pleasure,  and goods related with pleasure — that was when the growth in the demand for drugs started,' he added.

    The health official said the Fab Four had launched a demand for desire seeking without responsibility, which is now a threat to society. 
    'Either we stop youths from taking drugs at an early age, or tell them that either prison awaits them, or death,' he added.
    Earlier this year Paul McCartney exposed he has finally turned his back on cannabis use aged 69 for the sake of his eight-year-old daughter.
    The former Beatle was familiarized to drug use in the Sixties by Bob Dylan.
    In 1980 McCartney spent 10 days in jail and was banished from Japan after customs officials at Tokyo airport found 7.7 ounces of cannabis in his suitcase.

    hmmmm.. I think he has been locked in a time capsule :/

    this is a video of all the songs of the Beatles in Magical Mystery Tour, enjoy!


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