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    Who doesn’t know this band? They are Legends. Icons. Idols.

    Rewind for a minute to the early ‘70s, when almost all of the teenagers infatuated by phrase “sex, drugs and rock & roll”. Aerosmith satisfied their lifestyle in music with a sexy swagger and attacks of 3; metal, glam and boogie-woogie
    Aerosmith was formed in 1970, when Steven Tyler (vocalist ) had met Joe Perry (guitarist ) while working at an ice cream parlor. The bassist, Tom Hamilton and guitarist Ray Tabano, joined the group after that. But then Brad Whitford replaced Ray and they added Joey Kramer as the drummer.

    In 1972 they landed a record contract with Columbia Records. This is where the legend is begun. Aerosmith's self-titled debut album was released in the fall of 1973.

    in  1975's, Toys in the Attic was their breakthrough album. Their pure rock n roll, and the album hit number 11. Its success prompted the re-release of the power song "Dream On," which shot into the Top Ten in early 1976.

    Aerosmith then regrouped with new guitarists Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay. The band released Aerosmith's Greatest Hits in late 1980; the record that eventually sold over six million copies.

                                                                    Dream on- Aerosmith

    They’ve beaten the trends and crazes of rock and roll to become one of the most powerful and exciting energies in music. With such an relentless passion for creating great music, a unique creative vision and an solid appreciation for their fans, there are no limits to what the future holds for Aerosmith.



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